Girls are better than boys…

My little boy likes to join in with anything I do. He likes to help load the washing machine, press the buttons and twiddle the dials in the wrong order. He likes to have a go at the hoovering especially hearing  the noise Lego pieces make being suck up the metal hose. He loves dipping his fingers in the foam of the kitchen sink and then blowing the bubbles hard sending them spinning in a sparkly little soap storm.


He grins with glee as he climbs beside me to to share the seat at my dressing table, we divide make-up brushes and sit patting our faces in the mirror. He enjoys carefully spreading Mac’s cockney red lipstick over his tiny wet lips and leaving little angel kisses on my cheeks, his sisters forehead and his hands. He especially enjoys silently watching me paint my finger nails, he gasps when I finish, ‘oooh, nice… Now me!’

He also stands on excited tippy toes watching daddy jet wash the driveway and nobody complained when he helped wash the car.


I don’t believe for an instant my involving him in ‘female’ activities will make him ‘gay’ or confused. It will however effect him when you point and laugh at him or tell him off as you wash his super hero make up from his face. Cooking is a life skill and his mum is stronger and more self sufficient than many men out there. What’s wrong with a boy wanting to do’ girly’ things?

He’s two get over it.




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