What’s that feeling…

Opening the curtains this morning was beautiful because there was actual daylight. My pride and joy dressing table that I sanded by hand (for HOURS!) sits in our large bedroom bay window.  I enjoy my few moments of peace there each morning before I head out to the rush hour traffic.


Today I could feel the warmth of the morning sun on my face, spring is coming. I sat enjoying the light breeze on my arm and neck from the window I had set a jar. I’m sure the air smells fresher at this time of year, I take a deep breath and my mind wanders to summer memories of evenings sitting in the garden enjoying the tangerine glow of the setting sun. The sound of tweeting in the blossom trees and my children’s paddling pool abandoned with  it’s bobbing ducks and floating boats. Such a settled atmosphere, feeling relaxed, sipping something cool. Spring is a an incandescent interlude and holds such promise for the long summer days ahead.


Bright days seem to fill us with more happiness, shoulders are less tense, lips no longer pressed so tight.  I always gain a sense of freedom when the light nights are here, they give the perfect opportunity  for  Impromptu BBQ’s and last minute picnics. Lazy evening making smores at the wood burner, floaty dresses and bare feet on grass.


This is what the morning air smelt of today.


I bloody love spring I do.

Love Vx


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