Hey you, speak to me!

Work has been mad as a box of drunk frogs, but January and February are always this way. The referrals to the mental health team, weight management scheme and no win no fee claims seem endless. It’s perplexing that an entire south hub of a city and behave so routinely. Mass media seduction has it’s grip on this sleepy zombie community.

Happily I don’t feel the need to reach out for help in any of these areas, but I may change my mind about this when the end of February is here, as I’ve signed up for the ‘a month of letters’ challenge.

This saying yes thing… It has it’s snags. It’s a pretty secret affair, just a mental promise to myself. But when a close friend of mine was introducing me to their third run of participating in a month of letters and insisted I would enjoy it “Honestly Vee try it”. I shrugged “Mmkay”.


I just can’t see this being fun? However I’m assured it is, well, 50% of the time. “Especially if you get a real hill billy red neck”. (What?! I’m not sure I want leatherface to contact me!)

I imagine it to involve exchanging small talk and pleasantries with strangers over and over, my name is ………….. I live in ……………… I have a cat and two dogs etc. I have little patience with this in real life let alone devoting hours to the cause.

Although, I have to admit  learning a little more about it has made the process seem much more appealing. The only real rule is, it has to go via the postal system. The letter has to actually see the inside of a red shiney great british post box in order to count.

I have to post 23 letters to match the 23 working postal days in February and I can post it to anyone, current friend, past acquaintance or stranger.

Now, this is what caught my attention and whet my appetite for a biro in the hand. You can write to people you already know. Which is a pleasant way to build bridges, open doors or point out a bright pink elephant in the area.

I’ve looked up some old school friends and sent a mass text to old work colleagues and uni friends. It’s a downer you can’t surprise them with a lovely hand written letter in the post, after all that’s impossible without asking for their address first. I’m pretty giddy as to what will come of this, surely out of 23 people i’ll find at least one who can squeeze a belly laugh from me. I’m trying to think outside the box too, I’m considering sending one to the guy on my street who lives on his own in a very overgrown haunted looking house… But what if he’s nuts? What about an old school teacher or neighbour? Think Violet, think!

The advantage of sending a letter is, you have time to analyse the contents, to think and rethink until you’re pretty satisfied you have chose the right words. The awkwardness of having to look someone in the eye and say certain things is removed, just lick the envelope, post and hold your breath until you receive a response.

My pal has spoken to several different people from all corners of the globe, some very dull and hum drum, others witty and full of fun. I think some friendships have developed across the miles.

I’m open to writing to anyone, i think.

I would be really grateful if you wanted to nominate your self to join my postal list, whether we have spoken in the past or not, I want to hear from you 🙂


I enjoy a bit of randomness and jolly good fun, so if you have a sense of humour get in touch, my Twitter is linked via my word press home page. Or…  https://twitter.com/MrsSViolet

Biro’s, tippex and pretty paper at the ready!

Love Vx


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