A month later…

Catch up time, roll up sleeves and switch brain on!

My head is still spinning following my attempts at engineering this project, I never would have guessed how tricky, neigh, hard it is to set up a blog? Those sites may as well have been written in Swahili for all I could understand. I only want to put a blog somewhere, allowing comments and be able to post a link to Facebook! Google tells me its super easy and you can do It with your eyes shut – No, no you can’t! Round of applause to all those who do, I salute you, ingenious Internet bloggers you deserve a well done sticker and a balloon!

Gosh did the doubts start trickling in fast! Reading other Facebook pages with hundreds, some with thousands of likes, people pouring out with praise and compliments for the author, with their clever wit and fantastic imagination. I can’t even publish the blooming blog! I must appear so feeble and insignificant next to those big honchos. Oh tummy rumbles!

Tumblr you bore and baffle me. Blog spot and countless others, same to you! But… Word press, Ooooh I say, two comments and a like along with some followers – Wow! I sit smiley faced in front of my laptop. I am, so, pleased! My fear there would be a sea of silence, an endless dark corridor of nothingness, just throwing my words in to a gigantic black hole that is the world-wide web (which – would have made me feel very silly for even thinking of giving this blogging malarkey a go…) Seemed to ease as I grinned. a massive huge thank you to those that commented and followed, you made a real difference to little red-faced me.

Any whoo, what have I said yes to? An offer of an impromptu break staying with family some nine hours away in the Scottish highlands. I okayed the time off with work and the school then off we went to rock climb, canoe and clifftop walk, eek bite nails!


I managed the rock climbing with sweaty hands and a pounding heart but rain put a stop to the other activities, so instead I tried my hand at indoor bowls with some local oldies and found out I’m not too shabby, with the most ‘touches’ of the night, who knew!

On my return home I looked up some local ‘ladies groups’ and volunteered myself to meet a bunch of strange strangers next week for booze and sandwiches at the rather posh Harvey Nicholls no less. It seems there may be upsides to this new way of living. That is as long as these strange strangers are not scary two-headed Violet eating monsters, with bad table manners to boot! I was also bold enough to put forward my own idea for a meet, a bit pushy considering I’m new eh? But that’s the brave all new me and anyways its a good way to seek out like-minded people noh?

Hmmm, what else? A photo shoot of me in my undies of all things! No honest, no sarcasm here I am actually going to do it… Sort of, I think! It is an all female team who promise to lift your confidence. ‘So bite the bullet Violet and avoid excuses at all costs’ I say to myself whilst wagging a pointy finger at the mirror. (mental note, buy a full length mirror and learn how to dress for goodness sake). You see, I have no pics from teen years upwards, none at 16 fresh faced and leaving school or at 18 less fresh faced out with friends, nor any at 21 when I thought I knew enough to rule the world and sadly none with my eldest son. The way I looked made me frown so I just avoided those flashing plastic boxes (which you had to ‘wind on’ back then, strewth, am I old!) Now those memories are fading and curling at the corners, so many things have been forgotten because I didn’t record them. This way at least when I’m 72 years old and humped backed, I’ll have something to look back and smile on, even if the only thing I can think to say is ‘gawd I wish my arse still looked like that!’

During my spare time from the kitchen sink, I have been reading again and blowing the cobwebs off my imagination. I’d forgotten the power of a good novel, what an amazing escape. I’ve ordered cookery books so I can learn to make food I actually enjoy eating. I have been looking up art classes, ripping things that inspire me from magazine and storing them in my newly bought sketch book.

I have tried on new clothes, to see if i can find what works on the grown up version of me. Good grief when did clothes shopping become such an unholy chore? Hot and bothered, getting my arms pinned to my body as I try to escape from a dress which seems to have morphed in to a straight jacket bashing my shoulders off the inside of the minute changing cubical as I manically wiggle from side to side – panic! What the heck are women wearing today? Skin tight, can’t sit down in, squeeze your crotch pants, cropped, yes cropped tops that are also sleeveless to top it all off, to reveal my jelly like, milk bottle white arms! No thank you madam, pass me back my jeans and converse please I must run free from this place!


I have also been thinking of who I can contact for mini confidence building adventures, If you think of something don’t be a stranger, get in touch! All suggestions and comments greatly appreciated.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with ‘everbodys free to wear sunscreen’ link below… Smile, We’re still only at the beginning 🙂



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